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Motorized Rotating Stand

  • £25.95

The complexion is unable to be made 100% the same as a real person, as the characteristics of polymer clay and the actual color after baking will be darker than what you have seen in the picture.

Rotating Turntable satisfies your 360 degree display view of the Photographys. The Newest rotating speed is 15 seconds/circle. Convenient and easy to operate, smooth rotation shows a complete circle. Never-ending fashion. Improved small display turntable has the same upper and lower area, product turntable run more stable and evenly, and can easily support the weight of 2KG photography products. If you need small rotating display for a long time, please connect the USB cable to the power supply. Turntable is suitable for light products, please do not place heavy products on it, otherwise the rotating speed of the turntable will become slow.

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